Hire a Finnish genealogist

My page has moved to https://www.asikainengenealogy.fi/en/hire-a-finnish-genealogist/ Welcome!

You can contact me if you need any help with Finnish genealogy questions. I can do the research for you, if you are interested in the names or occupations of your ancestors, or the places they lived in Finland. Or maybe you know their names already, but you have a court document from 1732, written in old Swedish and in old Gothic handwriting, and you just need someone to help you translate it.

The price is 40€/hour, which includes the Finnish VAT. You can make a transfer via your own local bank or use PayPal. You can check how much 40 euros is in US dollars for example here.

Every research task needs to be planned and discussed beforehand with the client. You can start by emailing terho@terhoasikainen.fi and letting me know what you are interested in. We can also agree to a certain amount of work, five hours for example, after which you can see the results and decide, if you want me to carry on with the research.

The time required for the research depends very much on the occupation of your ancestors. If they were farmers and lived on the same farm for decades, it may be possible to follow one line through a century in just 4–5 hours. But if they were workers who moved often, more time for the research is needed. The great thing is that you’ll usually get plenty of interesting information about their everyday lives as a result.

I took my master’s degree in Theology (Old Testament studies) in the University of Helsinki in 1995, which means that I am well familiar with both textual criticism in general and church records particularly. I have 30 years of experience in genealogy and I speak Finnish, Swedish and English.